Friday, May 10, 2013

Flashing Nokia 5130 Xpress Music, the JAF method

Many a time java based mobile phones tend to accumulate software errors like unintentional restarts and hanging of media player. These problems are caused by corrupted operating system. The java OS gets corrupted due to extensive use of third party applications or memory fails.

We can easily bring back the Nokia device as good as new by re-flashing the java operating system. A very light tool that can be used is JAF and PKey emulator to start up JAF

You need Navifirm to download flash files from Nokia servers.
It can be found here link
or search google for " Navifrim plus "

Things you need are

  • Navifirm software , for downloading latest firmware from the Nokia server
  • JAF application with Pkey emulator
  • MicroUSB cable used in Nokia 5130
  • Your Nokia 5130 xpress Music should be fully charged
For Navifirm plus to run, you need .Net framework 4.0, If it is not installed in your computer go for older versions of Navifirm.

Now run Navifrm as administrator by right clicking and selecting the run as administrator option.
Select handset model as 5130 or RM-495. Select latest release and choose any variant suitable for the color of your device. Now select the location to download and press download button.

Find the folder to which the files are downloaded using Navifirm. Move those files to the below location in your hard drive
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-495.
Make sure you have the .ppm, .mcu and .image files in the above folder after pasting.

Now unrar and install JAF software; while installing in win vista/7/8 make sure to provide administrator privileges. During installation windows may warn that the software has not passed windows logo testing. Just click ok and carry on the installation.


  • After the successful installation of the JAF. Run Pkey emulator providing administrative rights.

  •  In the Pkey dialog box click on the GO button. The Jaf application will start. It may say "Box Driver not Installed" , ignore and click OK.

  • goto BB5 tab in the JAF dialog box. Now click on the use ini option and wait for a while. A pop up menu appears. from the menu select 5130 (or look for RM-495). The JAF will automatically scan and load the required files. Now check dead usb , manual fash and normal mode.Then click on the flash button. The JAF will show a waring message. Ignore the message and click Ok.

  • Carefully read the instructions in the JAF dialog. When it says "initializing usb communication " press the power on button of the phone ONCE. JAF will again show waring messages like "unable to backup imei number". once again ignore the message and click OK.

  • The JAF will start flashing... when it says "Power on the device now" LONG PRESS the power on button .
You will see green and red loading bars.. When the JAF says"operation completed successfully" plug out your phone from usb and restart it. It will be working fine.

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